Barbara Reney


About Barbara






Initially self-taught musician, Barbara started private instruction in piano, jazz improvisation and arranging with Maury Kaye and bass player Leon Feigenbaum, learning the Jazz standards from Coltrane to Gershwin, then completed a music degree at Concordia University following jazz improvisation with Charles Ellison and orchestral arranging with Andrew Homsey and Don Habib.

Vocal experiences range from studio vocal back-up on commercial recordings, Jazz vocalist fronting various group combinations, to Gospel and Classical. The opportunity to work and travel in Latin America provided exposure to the complexities of Latin music, from local folk quecas to sophisticated commercial compositions and arrangements of Eddie Palmieri, Papo de Luca, Willie Colon & Fania.

Some amazing world-class musicians Barbara has played and toured with are Maury Kaye, Tim Jackson, Steve Amirault, Francois Richard, Michael Gauthier, Carlos Lopes, Enrique Chavez, Bill Coon, Juan Luis Alvarez, Neil Swainson, Ron Seguin, Tito Fiol,  Jean Cyr, Errol Walters, Warren Stolow, John "Blackie" Forrest, Alain Picotte, Greg "Buff" Allen, Lou "Lightening" Williamson, Jim Hillman, Yvon Plouffe, Camil Belisle, Dave Turner, Jean-Pierre Zanella, Ron Di Lauro, Charles Ellison, Vincent Stephan Ong, Glen Bradley, to name a few.